Jabees BTwins Review

Jabees BTwins: Detailed Review

I’d been hearing of this Hong Kong based company for quite a while. The fact that they made one of the first relatively affordable, “truly” wireless in-ears in the market, made me await their official India launch with a fair bit of anticipation. Now when I say relatively affordable I mean compared to the $150 price range of other top-end truly wireless in-ear headphones like the Samsung Gear IconX or the forever out-of-stock Apple AirPods. At roughly $99 how good are the Jabees BTwins? Let’s have a look.

Build and design

The two bullet-like ear buds feel quite sturdy and despite having to cram the battery, drivers and other circuitry within the same housing, they aren’t too big. When inserted into your ear they won’t protrude too far out. The metal housing is quite strong and appears like it should be able withstand a drop or two. The rubber flange or hook works well to secure the earbuds in place.

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