iFi Audio Zen Blue Bluetooth DAC Review

Bluetooth can deliver outstanding results but in order to do that you need the right equipment. Enter iFi with one of the cleverest Bluetooth DACs yet.

What is the iFi Audio Zen Blue?

The iFi Zen Blue is a Bluetooth DAC. This is not an unheard of category of product – over the years, I have looked at a few of them – but one that doesn’t tend to produce too many Bluetooth specific devices. It makes more sense to add Bluetooth to a Chord Hugo2 or Auralic Altair G1 as an extra input than it does to produce a device that only does Bluetooth. This means that when we have seen Bluetooth DACs, they’ve been at the more affordable end of the market and this has some unavoidable limitations to how much a manufacturer can cram into them.

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