How to change your AirPods Pro tips – get a better fit, or just replace old ones

Getting the right fit for your AirPods Pro is vital if you want to feel comfortable wearing them, but also to benefit fully from their impressive ANC. Changing your AirPods Pro tips can feel a little bit scary, and not just because we’re dealing with some of the best wireless earbuds, and some rather expensive ones at that. It requires a bit more force than you might expect.If you need some advice on doing it safely, we’re here to

Replacing the ear tip is essentially the opposite approach to removing it. Place it around the black driver unit – and check that it’s aligned correctly, because the fitting is an oval shape, not circular like most ear tips. Push it in until it clicks in and feels suitably snug. Check it’s placed securely with no give or risk of it falling out – give it a wobble, basically, and make sure you can see a gap in its connection

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