HiFiMan SuperMini Music Player Review



HiFiMan was founded in New York by Dr. Fang Bian. The company now operates from China but does not outsource either manufacturing or design. Headphones come from a factory in Dongguan. Music players come from another factory in Kunshan. R&D runs in Shanghai, software is developed in Shenzhen, and headquarters are in Tianjin. Unlike so many storied audio brands that have cut loose from their original motivation, 11-year-old HiFiMan continues to reflect the vision of Dr. Fang.

Although some HiFiMan products push past the $1,000 price point—notably, the company’s full-size planar headphones—most do not. All but one of the music players sell for less than $1,000. All but one of the in-ear monitors sell for less than $100. The SuperMini reviewed here is HiFiMan’s least expensive hi-res music player at $399. To get there, it took an unusual path.

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