Hex TLS Bluetooth speaker review: 808 Audio delivers solid mono thump and good looks, but few amenities

We like the bass response and the aluminum enclosure is a plus, but some features we’ve come to expect are absent, including speakerphone functionality and the ability to charge other USB devices.

808 Audio’s Hex TLS delivers thumping sound from an attractive aluminum enclosure, but it’s monophonic, doesn’t work as a speakerphone, and it can’t charge other devices.

The number 808 carries great cachet in the music industry. It’s terminally linked with the insanely popular, retro Roland TR-808 drum machine, whose sounds can be heard on countless rap, hip-hop, and electronic dance music hits. If you call your company 808 Audio, you’d better deliver the goods.

Does the company’s $60 Hex TLS deliver? Yes and no. It brings good looks and decent thump to the table, but not the stereo or complete feature set we’ve grown to expect from portable Bluetooth speakers.

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