Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) review

The Google Nest Hub 2, or the second generation as the tech giant is calling it, is Google’s latest smart display, and like the previous version, which was called the Google Home Hub before the name was changed to Google Nest Hub, it’s billed by Google as the perfect bedside smart display.

While that claim was a bit of a stretch in the case of the original model (it was based in part on Google’s Hub not having a camera), Google may feel it’s got a stronger case this time around, because unlike any other smart display on the market, the new Google Nest Hub can track your sleep.

This smart display is the first from Google to feature Soli radar technology, which has already been used in the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphone, and which enables you to wave and ‘tap’ the air in front of the smartphone to activate certain controls such as playing or pausing music.

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