Google Home vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home Max : Which Should You Buy?

With the launch of the Mini and the Max, there are now three Google Home devices from which to choose. From controlling dozens of smart home gadgets and planning your day to rocking out, which is the best for your needs? We take a look at all three speakers to see where each excels, and where each would fit best in your home.

What Google Home Can Do For You

Similar to what the Amazon Echo does for Alexa, a trio of Google Home devices deliver Google’s virtual Assistant straight into your home. This voice-powered assistant can do such things as tell you the day’s news and weather, read off your calendar, and tell you how long it’ll take you to get to work. Unlike Alexa, Google Assistant can be trained to learn different voices, so it can tailor its responses to whomever’s talking.

The Google Home devices also provide an auditory interface for other smart home devices, such aslights, locks, and plugs. While not as extensive as those that connect to Alexa, the list of Google Home-compatible devices is growing.

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