GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker review : This little speaker delivers big sound

The E3 is a compact speaker that combines sleek, elegant design; superior sound; and flexible connectivity options.

The GGMM E3 is a compact tabletop speaker that combines sleek, elegant design with superior sound. Unlike many speakers in its $100 price range, the E3 isn’t limited to streaming music from Bluetooth sources. You can also connect it to your Wi-Fi network and stream music from DLNA sources or from cloud-based services such as Pandora and Spotify.

Available in dark gray, ice blue, or pearl white, the E3 boasts a clean and sleek design with a simple, not overly bright LED clock adorning its metal front. Unfortunately, it’s a 24-hour, military-style alarm clock instead of the more conventional 12-hour variety. It’s an odd choice to be sure, but you can wake up to either a favorite tune or a default chime with a pleasant classical-meets-EDM vibe.

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