Focal Dôme Flax 5.1 Speaker System Review

As the home theater milieu increasingly divides into Atmos and non-Atmos camps, the satellite/subwoofer category seems destined to remain part of the old guard, usually sold in a set of five little speakers and a sub or two. Is it possible for a satellite speaker to retain its merciful compactness if it’s also to include an Atmos-enabled upfiring driver? I’d love to review such a product, but right now it’s a figment of my imagination and hopes. Focal, the prodigious French speaker manufacturer, does now offer a 5.1.2-channel Atmos-capable sat/sub system that takes a different approach (see below), but you’ll be happy to know that plain ol’ 5.1 is still alive and supported by this and other fine speaker makers. Even now it remains the bedrock configuration of surround sound.


Home Theater Diversity
Focal offers a wide variety of home theater–friendly loudspeakers, not to mention studio monitors, headphones, automotive audio, and custom installation products. The Utopia III, Sopra, Electra 1000 Be 2, Aria 900, and Chorus 700 lines include towers, monitors, and centers. The Sopra, Aria, and Chorus also include dedicated surrounds. The Electra has both a dedicated surround and a few in-walls. Meanwhile, the Easya is a wireless tower. Focal also offers subwoofers, of course.

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