Fluance Fi50 Bluetooth Wood Speaker review : This big box puts out really big sound

Canada-based Fluance is relatively well known in the audiophile and home theater community for building good-performing, high-value speaker systems. The company generally sells direct to consumer in order to keep prices down. Shipping is free and if you don’t like the product after trying it out in your home, you can return it without penalty or even shipping costs—so long is it is within the 30-day return window.  By building a good product and keeping its distribution costs in check, Fluance has gained a reputation for delivering audio products at prices far below their value.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fluance Fi50

The Fi50 Bluetooth Wood Speaker System was once the company’s flagship Bluetooth product, but that distinction now belongs to the gargantuan Fi70, which is also in our review queue. Weighing in at 13.4 pounds—the equivalent of eight UE Megabooms—the Fluance Fi50 is by no means a portable speaker. But that mass enables the Fi50 to deliver bass response that no portable powered speaker can touch.

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