Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB 3D DLP Projector Review

With 4K/Ultra HD quickly taking over as the default resolution for new TVs, it seems ironic that projectors, the display type that would most benefit from 4K resolution, have been slower to transition to the new format. Sony is the only manufacturer to introduce 4K-res projectors aimed at the general home theater market, and with the cost of entry for those models stuck in the $10,000-plus range, it’s clear that 4K projection has a way to go before it becomes mainstream.


The 4K transition may be lagging among projectors, but one trend has been on the upswing: faux-K. Projector-maker JVC was the first to introduce models that took advantage of pixel-shifting technology (JVC calls its latest version e-shift3) to deliver a derived 4K-res image from native 1080p-res display chips. Epson followed with their own take on the technology, 4K Enhancement, for its $8,000 LS10000 laser-driven reflective LCD model and is now bringing that tech to a new line of more reasonably priced regular 3LCD projectors (see sidebar for details).

Epson’s new lineup is led by the Pro Cinema 6040UB ($3,999), a model aimed at the professional installation market, that comes with a ceiling mount, spare lamp, and an extended warranty. It’s also ISF certified, with lockable memories that video calibration pros can use to store their adjustments. Otherwise, the 6040UB shares the same specs and feature set as the company’s new 5040UB ($2,999). Full disclosure: Our 6040UB sample evaluated here was an advanced engineering sample supplied to make our deadline but should be reflective of final production in its key performance parameters.

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