Dual MTR-75 review

Every time we think the vinyl revival has hit a plateau, another stalwart from the heyday of turntables rears its head to join the party.

This time it’s German brand Dual – a hi-fi staple from the 1970s to the 90s – that makes a comeback with a new range of budget to mid-priced turntables.

This £250 Dual MTR-75 is the big brother of the range, offering a fully automatic operation with plenty of features, including a built-in phono stage and USB type B output.


One of the Dual MTR-75’s best features is that it’s fully automatic in operation. Press the start button on the turntable and the tonearm lifts, positions and lowers itself onto the record by itself.

It takes about 10 seconds, but it’s such a pleasing feature and makes the Dual so simple and easy to use on a daily basis.

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