Dali Opticon 2 review

Unlike the jobsworth accountant, Dali speakers tend to make having fun their number one priority, as many an hour spent tapping our feet to 1970s disco tracks through a pair of the Danish company’s speakers will attest.

From the entry-level Zensor 1 speakers, right the way up to the high-ranging Epicon 8 and the Opticon 1 and 6 models, the company’s speakers are often a guarantee of good times.

These Dali Opticon 2 speakers – the larger of the two standmount speakers in the company’s midrange line-up – are no exception.



With a name like ‘Opticon’, you may expect them to be all muscle and authority, but while they are indeed attributes, Dali only makes a point of wanting the range to be a ‘true’ Dali speaker series. And aren’t they just.

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