Crosley Keepsake review

We’ve seen it time and time again in films; a character opens a stolen suitcase and instead of the small fortune they expect to be inside they’re faced with rocks or blank paper.

The ensuing disappointment somewhat mirrors our own upon encountering the suitcase-style Crosley Keepsake turntable. Perhaps our revelation shouldn’t have come as a surprise after our experience with the two-star Crosley Cruiser (£80/$120).

Its performance left much to be desired, and due to its cartridge’s unusually heavy tracking weight (over 7g when around 2g is more typical), we felt it might eventually ruin your record collection.

Its big brother, the Keepsake, is guilty of the same crimes, which is a pity considering it gets thumbs up for both its design and its features.

Indeed, without further scrutiny, one may be forgiven for glancing at the Keepsake’s spec sheet and crying out ‘bargain’ with gleeful ignorance.

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