Como Audio Solo & Duetto Wireless Music Systems Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Como Audio Solo & Duetto Wireless Music

Don’t be fooled by the clock-radio appearance of the Solo or Duetto. Yes, there is a clock with dual alarms and, yes, there is an FM radio—but these extras barely scratch the surface of what these mini marvels can do. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a compact music system that’s as versatile or sounds as good as the Duetto or Solo from Como Audio.

Never heard of Como Audio? The Boston-based company was launched last summer by Tom DeVesto, who has deep roots in consumer audio as co-founder of Tivoli Audio (2000) and Cambridge SoundWorks (1988), both started with hi-fi pioneer/legend Henry Kloss. (Kloss founded Acoustic Research with Edgar Villchur in 1954 and Advent in 1967.) Before Cambridge SoundWorks, DeVesto held senior positions at Advent and Kloss Video. I’ve met Tom many times over the years and have always been impressed by his knowledge and dedication to the craft. Como Audio carries on in that tradition.

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