Chord Hugo 2 review

Our infatuation with Chord’s remarkable Hugo DAC – which manifests itself in its five-star multiple-Award winning statu – is as strong as ever. We overlook its little foibles – its wilfully quirky design, the tougher-to-access-than-necessary input and output sockets – like an indulgent parent forgives an infant’s table-manners. We love its thrillingly detailed, effortlessly dynamic and neatly organised sound as much now as we did the first time we heard it.

So for us, at least, Chord had no need to go fiddling.

But Chord is a restless company, and Hugo is no more. Instead, please welcome to the stage Hugo 2. A little smaller, a little sharper around the edges, and significantly more expensive than the original. And, unlikely though it seems, slightly quirkier than before.

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