Chord CPM 2800 MKII Integrated Amplifier Review

Chord CPM 2800 MKII Integrated Amplifier Review

What is the Chord CPM 2800 MKII?

The Chord CPM 2800 MKII is an integrated amplifier from Chord Electronics that is part of their full width range of components. At the relatively lofty price point that this amp pitches in at, the bulk of the competition comes from amplifiers that are rather less laden in features and functionality. The Chord is fairly unusual for an amplifier at this price in that it comes in a single chassis and contains both amplification and digital to analogue conversion.

This last bit of information ought to cause people’s ears to prick up because Chord Electronics could be said to be ‘a bit good’ at the business of making digital to analogue convertors. The Mojo and Hugo portable DACs are sensational performers and their high-end products boast reference levels of performance. If you are buying an amplifier, it won’t do any harm for it to be equipped with some serious decoding hardware.

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