Cambridge CXA60 vs Rega Brio – which is better?

The stereo amplifier is the beating heart of any hi-fi system. It’s the link between your source and your speakers, driving your system to its fullest potential. Here, two of the very best amps on the market go head-to-head

When the Cambridge CXA60 emerged in 2015, it filled a gap in the market for a brilliant mid-priced stereo amplifier. This highly accomplished amp with many features went on to win a What Hi-Fi? Award two years in a row. In fact, it’s our reigning champion.

But that could all change thanks to the delicate, yet ferocious, Rega Brio – a mighty upgrade we’ve waited seven long years for. This sixth-generation Brio sounds terrific, and we’ve been itching to pit these two five-star stereo amps against each other.

We explore the highs and lows of the Cambridge CXA60 and the Rega Brio to guide you to your new favourite stereo amplifier…

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