B&W 606 vs 607 speakers: which should you buy?

We compare B&W’s class-leading, affordable stereo speakers

If you’re after the best affordable bookshelf speakers on the market, it’s hard to avoid the Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series. 

This range is home to two of your prime choices: the B&W 607 (£399, $599, AU$999) and their chunkier, pricier siblings, the B&W 606 (£549, $899, AU$1245). This duo has so much in common – visually and in terms of engineering – that choosing the right pair of speakers for your needs isn’t straightforward.

They’re both hugely capable performers that set the standard at their respective price points. B&W clearly understands what it takes to make great affordable speakers and has been getting it right ever since the first generation 600 series was launched in 1995. The current products are the sixth iteration, and are arguably the most capable yet. 

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