Burmester 099/956 Mk2 review

Over the years we’ve come to expect certain things from Burmester products. The 099/956 Mk2 pre/power combination conforms to type.

A chrome front that can double as a mirror in emergencies – tick. Top-drawer build and finish – tick. Eye-watering prices – tick. Last, but by no means least, superb sound, again, tick.

This pairing comes from around the middle of the luxury brand’s amplification range, yet by most standards it’s still very much at the cutting edge as far as all-round ability is concerned.


The 099 is a well-equipped unit as far as line-level high-end preamps go.

Burmester has long been a believer in the advantages of balanced signal transmission so it’s no surprise to find all three of the 099’s line level inputs are of the balanced XLR variety.

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