BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi Review

Need a Wi-Fi upgrade? The BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi is a reliable and reasonably fast mesh system all for a low price.

The original BT Whole Home Wi-Fi was one of my favourite mesh systems, as it was a cheap way to upgrade an existing home network. Today, the BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi is back to do the same thing, only with smaller satellites (called discs here).

Running on slightly older technology, this isn’t the fastest mesh system, but it’s one of the most flexible and one of the cheapest making it something of a bargain.

BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi Design – Small, neat and unobtrusive

The new BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi is bought in packs of discs. I’ve got the three-pack here, which will suit most homes but you can buy it in two-, four-, five- and six-packs too. You can also buy additional discs if you want to expand an existing network.

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