Best business laptops (January 2023)

The best business laptops make it simple and easy to carry out work on your laptop without worrying about whether your hardware specs are up to it.It doesn’t matter if you’re still working from home or going into the office. You need a portable that can keep up with your most intensive computing needs and keep your work safe. If you need a device to keep up with your demanding productivity workflow, consider the best business laptops 2023 offers. While plenty of professionals have flocked to more consumer-focused devices over the years, these notebooks offer a combination of power, flexibility, and, most importantly, security that you won’t find elsewhere.And, you might indeed be fine using cheaper laptops for work. But they’re not as secure and, in some cases, won’t offer the kind of horsepower that you might need to handle your productivity needs. Fortunately, the top business laptops have learned from the best Ultrabooks. They’re thinner, lighter, and easier to take on the go, making them just as portable as most of the prosumer options.The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition away from desktop PCs and workstations. It has established laptops as the dominant format in businesses and enterprises, enabling the ability to work from the office, from home, or anywhere.Falling prices, a clear focus from component vendors on thin-and-light laptops, and a drive to decrease power consumption means that there’s barely any difference between laptops and desktops of equivalent specifications once you throw in the peripherals.Business LaptopsWhat is a business laptop?Why you can trust TechRadar

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