Best Bluetooth speakers under $100

What can you do with $100? You can get some great Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers under $100 are hard to shop for. Most people don’t mind if a speaker that costs less than $20 breaks, because it was “good enough” while it lasted. You might even be able to afford replacing it. But the point of no return is when you spend $100. It starts to become more of an investment, rather than a mere accessory for your phone. Bluetooth speakers under $100 need to be more than good enough; they need to be great.

As you should expect for this price-point, there needs to be a certain level of durability and quality to the product. These aren’t cheap, and though they’re not the most expensive or best sounding speakers you’ll ever hear, you still want to get your money’s worth. This list has a speaker for everyone, including a few staples and some you might not have heard of. But if it made this list, it deserves to be here.

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