BenQ HT2550 Projector Review

4K video is made to be seen on very large screens, and projectors are the cheapest way to do that. High-end models from Sony are out of reach, price-wise, for most of us, but cheap 4K projectors from BenQ, Optoma and others are finally hitting the market. One of the cheapest and most interesting is BenQ’s HT2550 (known as the W1700 in some markets), priced at $1,500 and packing true 4K and HDR resolution. It delivers perhaps the most detailed image of any cheap new 4K projector, but it has a few flaws that should give you pause.


BenQ’s HT2550 is one of the first inexpensive projectors on the market to put a true 4K image on the screen. With a 4K source, the image is noticeably sharper than 1080p source material, though not every viewer might appreciate that. It offers HDR10 with accurate colors, provided you do some minor tweaking first. The biggest downside is light leaking around the edge of the image and occasionally excessive noise. Contrast and brightness aren’t as good as some of its rivals, but the HT2550 has sharper 4K than both of those models.

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