Audio Pro Addon C5 review

It may have taken longer to get connected than your Gran, but Audio Pro’s Addon range of wireless speakers has finally discovered the internet – and it won’t be using it to Google knitting patterns or make Skype calls to its relatives.

Much like your Gran, however, the Swedish manufacturer could tell you how it’s managed just fine all these years without it.

The Addon T3 was our wireless speaker Product of the Year in 2015 and held onto its Award the following year, while the T5 earned itself a five-star review. As a producer of affordable one-box Bluetooth speakers, Audio Pro has an enviable recent history.

Audio Pro’s products have been so good the option to place its speakers throughout the house in a multi-room set-up makes perfect sense. Thanks to two new speakers, the Addon C5 and C10, plus a wireless hub named Live 1, it’s now a possibility.

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