Arcam Solo Music review

Sometimes it’s easier to have everything in one package – all-inclusive holidays, or microwave meals, for example. But when it comes to hi-fi, there are benefits of having a system of separates over a one-box solution, mostly in terms of absolute audio quality and future upgrade opportunities.

However, for those put off by convoluted system-matching, or who don’t have room to house multiple boxes and trailing wires, single-box solutions certainly have their place.

There are budget micro systems, like the Award-winning Denon D-M40DAB, and high-end all-in-ones, such as the Cyrus Lyric 09, but anyone looking for a premium just-add-speakers system to be at the centre of their hi-fi and home cinema entertainment should take a look at the Arcam Solo Music.

Having been around for over a decade, Arcam’s Solo range initially garnered success with compact systems such as the original Solo and Movie 5.1, which both picked up five-star reviews and What Hi-Fi? Awards, before evolving to include a networked system and more recently a soundbar.

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