Arcam rPlay review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Arcam rPlay

“You can do ‘most anything, now you’re a 21st century man” the Electric Light Orchestra once sang. Carry a thousand books in your coat pocket? Crack on. Hang a turntable on the wall? Go for it.

Hop aboard the streaming bandwagon without having to part with your CD player/amplifier combo – yes, that too.

New hi-fi isn’t always ‘out with the old and in with the new’; sometimes it’s just about adding to a system. Meet Arcam’s rPlay: the latest addition to the brand’s rSeries. It’s a compact, wireless-router-resembling streamer that can turn even the most traditional system into a plug-and-play-almost-anything network streaming set-up.

That’s thanks to the DTS PlayFi streaming platform, built into the rPlay, as well as a few products from Pioneer, Onkyo, Rotel and McIntosh. It unlocks the ability to stream music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets or laptops to speakers throughout the home, and from a range of music sources.

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