Arcam AVR390 Review

The AVR390 is Arcam’s attempt to bring the performance of its high-end AV amps to a more affordable level by taking the unusual approach of copying the front-end circuitry, the pre-amp section and all the processing straight from the company’s £4500/$6750 AVR850 and putting it into this new system.


To meet the £2000/$3000 price point, something had to give; in this case, it’s the power amp section and the power supply which Arcam has toned down to lower the AVR390’s cost.

The company has swapped the AVR850’s expensive and complex Class G power amplification for the more conventional Class A/B alternative.

Accordingly, power output has gone down – from the AVR850’s 200W maximum to 80W (when driving two channels between 20Hz and 20kHz)

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