Apple HomePod vs Google Home vs Amazon Echo showdown

With the launch of the Apple HomePod, and pending the launch of a Bixby speaker, if there will ever be one, the major pieces on the smart speaker game board are now all in place. And so are the three major voice-controlled AI-driven smart assistants (sorry Cortana, you’ll have to sit this one out). That means, of course, questions on which one you should buy. “Should” is probably too strong a word, because it really depends on multiple factors. We can, however, give you the lay of the land so that you can decide better where to sink your hard-earned money into.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, to be honest, it’s probably not going to be the deciding factor on whether you will get a Google Home, an Amazon Echo, or an Apple HomePod. Buyers are more likely to base their decision on functionality rather than looks alone. Of course, that doesn’t discount the fact that some will be immediately turned off at first glance.

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