Alfawise A11 LCD 2000 Lumens Projector Review– a Home Theater Mini Projector

If you are in search of a quality projector but you can not afford the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector, I have a product that you will definitely appreciate given that its price is about 5% of the Xiaomi projector. Projectors are very sensitive equipment that functions in multiple environments such as schools, office, churches, cinemas and more. Most people only look at the lumens value (degree of brightness) to select a product but lumens alone can not guarantee a solid performance of a projector.  Brighter isn’t always better, while a home theater projector with 1,000 to 1,200 lumens will give you a very clear image in a low-light room, a 2,000-lumen projector may be so bright that it’s hard on the eyes.

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