Aaxa M5 Mini Projector review

Projector designs often fall neatly into one of two camps: those that are offering portability, and others that can project enough light to be seen easily.

Not that the boundary between those distinctions isn’t a bit flexible, and the Aaxa M5 is an example of a product that attempts to straddle both requirements in a single solution.

But is it light enough to carry, and yet bright enough to be worth bringing along?


According to the specifications, a 48-inch projection requires a 50-inch throw, which is a 1.04 ratio using our calculator.

The M5 retails at around £680 – $470 over in the US – and it comes in a fabric carry case that’s been stiffened with plastic to offer greater protection. Inside the case is the (roughly) Apple Mac mini-sized M5, the power supply, a small tripod, tiny remote control and a few potentially useful cables.

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