5 must-have accessories for your new Amazon Echo

So you found an Amazon Echo under the tree, and now you’re wondering what to do next. Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker line-up was its star of the holiday 2017 shopping season, with millions sold. Once you’ve got Alexa set up to your liking, however, there are some easy first-steps to wade into the smart home, accessories that address some of Echo’s lingering annoyances, and general usability improvements that needn’t break the bank.

An Amazon Music Unlimited plan everyone can use

We know what you’re thinking: if I’ve already got a Spotify subscription, or Pandora, or one of the numerous other streaming music services that Alexa supports, why would I bother with Amazon Music Unlimited? Not all such services are created equal on Echo, however, something particularly important if you have multiple people at home wanting to each stream their music.

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