Top Programming Languages for Students

Programming is one of the most significant skills anyone can have in the 21st century. Interestingly, almost anyone can learn and develop the skill. For students who would at one time handle computers, learning the basics of programming is a must.

However, every beginner is faced with a unique challenge before they start. That is the problem of choosing between what to learn amongst the 700 programming languages in the world today.

Here, you have an overview of 5 of the best programming languages that students can learn. 

1. Java

There is no gainsaying that Java is more complicated than Python or Ruby. However, a decision to study Java first will make other languages easier for students. Java is the way to go for students who have ideas on building their apps but do not know where to start.

Even though it looks a bit like C++, Java offers a more robust platform with better functionalities. Therefore, the list of things Java can do is long.

The language has been around for more than 20 years now. As a result, there are several resources, tutorials and toolkits at the disposal of students. So much that students can even get solutions to complex assignments on websites like

2. Python

If you want to learn the basics of programming and think like a programmer, Python is the language for you. The language is written almost the same way we write our regular sentences. More so, you would rarely need to add comments to your code while using Python. That’s because Python is self-explanatory.

While learning Python as a student, you will discover that almost everything you need is inbuilt into the language. The good news is, there are loads of articles and materials on the internet to help you. In case you experience a few obstacles during your study, you can click here for articles and helpful material to help you.    

3. Ruby

After Python, Ruby is the second most readable programming language in the world. The teacher has little to do when it comes to Ruby. That’s because a lot of things are self-explanatory. This software would immensely help students who are still learning to grasp the basics of programming.

With Ruby, students can understand the concepts of writing good scripts. More importantly, the language played a role in the creation of Twitter. So, students can easily relate that it’s a useful tool.  

4. Scratch

Scratch is also an excellent place to start for young students. The language introduces students to interactive stories, art, music and animations. The good news here is, students can learn Scratch on the internet for free.

Interestingly, while the language is simple enough for little children, it is a powerful tool that even experienced programmers use. There is also a community where students can share their games and art with other people for better engagement. 

5. C++

There are conflicting ideas as to whether beginners should try out C++ or not. However, amid these arguments, there is a silent truth. Most of the prominent programmers in the world started with C++. The main issue with C++ for most people is the fact that it looks like math. However, once the student understands the basics, C++ could be a door to massive opportunities in the programming world.