Secure Alternatives to Zoom Conferencing App

The COVID-19 pandemic has burst the demand for video conferencing services. It’s the only way for people worldwide to communicate during the lockdown. However, an extremely rapid user base growth caused tons of problems for service providers. While most companies just add new servers, Zoom faces harsh privacy issues. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of other convenient apps for personal and business communication that won’t let you down. For more App Store and Google Play Top Charts, check out Freepps.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, with over 1,5 billion users, is currently one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide. You can utilize this app to make calls to your relatives or groups of up to 4 people, which means that it’s suitable for small business meetings. All calls are protected with end-to-end encryption by default, making it impossible to decipher your messages and calls.

2. Google Duo

Most mobile users doubted that Google’s minimalistic video calling app would become popular. However, it’s now in the top 10 apps for video calls today, and it’s a fantastic service for chatting with up to 12 friends and colleagues. It features end-to-end encryption and previews the person who’s calling you so that you can decide whether to accept a call or not.

3. Facebook Messenger

That’s another messaging app by Facebook that lets you make video calls if you have a Facebook account. Unlike WhatsApp, it’s more suitable for business conferencing as it supports up to 50 participants with up 6 of them visible on the screen. Besides, you can chat with any Facebook user directly from the app.

4. Facetime

Facetime is a default video conferencing app available on all Apple devices, and it’s considered one of the most secure services ever. You can use it for business meetings with up to 32 Apple users. If you want to chat with friends, you’ll enjoy funny Memojis that can replace your face with a funny animated character.

4. Discord

Although Discord is designed mostly for gamers, at, we use it for discussing various topics in multiple threads. It also lets you stream gameplay or presentations to particular people and random spectators.

5. Houseparty

Houseparty is a relatively new mobile-only video conferencing app that makes calling up to 8 people incredibly simple. It also offers built-in party games, such as Trivia and Heads Up, and many others. It’s a perfect way to have some fun with your friends during the quarantine.

6. Microsoft Teams

As usual, products by Microsoft guarantee security and utility to all users. Microsoft Teams is a sleek business instrument that includes powerful scheduling and file-sharing features. A great supplement to the subscription is access to the entire Office 365 list of apps.

7. Jitsi

This service is perfect for calling people who use different operating systems and need to connect fast and simple. Although it’s an open-source platform, it ensures secure file-sharing, screen-streaming, and chatting with multiple people without limitations.

Vital Distancing

Using these apps on your iOS and Android, you can keep in touch with all your friends and colleagues and keep the life going on. If you can suggest some more apps for minimizing social distancing, you’re welcome to do it in the comments.

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