6 Excellent Tech Solutions Every Business Must Know About

Technology has improved immeasurably in the last 20 years as we have moved from doing business via fax machines and fixed-line telephones to embracing the internet and all the connectivity benefits that it brings. No longer do we need to be in the same building as our colleagues, let alone the same country, as the world has become a truly global place. But how can we embrace technology to drive our businesses forward and make them even more competitive in a global marketplace? Well, there are so many tech solutions on offer that it is difficult to know where to start, so read on to find 6 excellent business solutions that will really help to drive your business forward. 

The Cloud

Cloud-based technology can be a lifesaver for many businesses because it allows for files and documents to be stored in the cloud without the need for a central server. This means that all employees or even clients can access documents no matter where they are in the world, enabling them to work much more efficiently. Communication between departments becomes easier as everyone can view all the data at the same time. Furthermore, there is no need for costly physical storage sites as everything is stored online, so, at the same time as becoming more efficient, you will save costs, which is a pretty ideal situation for any business in my book!

Email Forwarding

There is nothing worse than coming into work and finding hundreds of emails in your inbox. It can take several hours to work through them, sorting out the important emails from those that can’t wait until a rainy day. A much more worthwhile solution is to use a program that can forward emails from Gmail directly to Salesforce. This allows you to track emails more efficiently and if you look at this useful link you can find further benefits such as applying emails to specific leads contacts or cases allowing you to streamline your business operations by taking advantage of the available technology solutions.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, should be at the forefront of the mind of every business as it is a great way to increase visibility and to drive new traffic to your website and social media pages. It can either be done in house or the work can be outsourced, but what it actually involves is using keywords and backlinks so that your website will be picked up by search engine algorithms and you will appear higher up the rankings. Research shows that consumers will rarely scroll down the first page of Google search results so if you can use SEO to your advantage to appear higher up the ranking, then you are much more likely to win new customers and increase your revenue. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be extremely efficient, cheap, and can reach the important decision-makers in businesses so it is a form of tech marketing that should not be dismissed. Nowadays, social media is seen as the go-to place to market your business but traditional means are often just as effective if your audience is right. A well-written email will catch people’s attention, as long as it gets past the spam box, and you can actually purchase mailing lists if you have not managed to sufficiently build up your own. So, if your audience is a different demographic to the social media generation then give email marketing a go. 

Be Mobile-Friendly

Most companies have a website these days, but how many times have you gone to look at a website on your mobile phone only to find that it takes ages to load, and then when it does, not all the information sits on the screen properly? It is an absolute pain in the neck and research shows that customers leave these types of websites in seconds. A cheap and easy way of avoiding this is to embrace technology and have your website made so that it is mobile-friendly, and then you will see that customers engage with your content for much longer.


Security has never been more important, especially as legislation has been passed governing the use of clients’ personal data. It is no longer acceptable to have data leaked so ensure that you have excellent online security software to stop hackers from getting into your system and stealing your valuable data. 

As we have learned there are many tech solutions that businesses can adopt to help drive them forward. Making use of the cloud allows you to have global reach and email forwarding and marketing are tools that can help you to be more efficient and reach more customers respectively. Security is paramount in the age of GDPR, and SEO will drive more people to your content. If you follow this guide your business will be well placed to move forward with the right technology in the coming years. 

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