‘Heroes of the Storm’ adds three new characters – Kharazim, Rexxar, Artanis

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Three more characters are now coming to “Heroes of the Storm.”

Each character comes from a different franchise under Blizzard.

First of the new additions is the monk known as Kharazim. Kharazim is an entry taking inspiration from the monks found in “Diablo 3.” This new character differs from many of the other ones in the “Heroes of the Storm” in part because he focuses more on supporting his teammates. Kharazim’s skills in the game are more geared towards healing other characters, though this monk can still pack a good wallop if needed. Kharazim can get stronger in the game by choosing one of three paths. He can either choose to emphasize his attacking power through Iron Fists, regain mana through Insight or heal himself by choosing Transcendence, according to PC Gamer.

Next up on the list of new characters added to “Heroes of the Storm” is Rexxar from “Warcraft,” according to Polygon. Rexxar does not charge into combat alone as joined on the battlefield by his bear named Misha. Together they take down foes with a combination of ranged attacks from Rexxar being paired up with Misha’s ability to stun enemies.

Last up is Artanis, and he comes from the “Starcraft” universe. “Starcraft” players may know Artanis as the leader of the Protoss, but this time around, players can utilize his skills for their own purposes. Artanis features an array of close-range skills designed severely devastate foes right from the start of battle.

Aside from the three roster additions, a new battleground is also coming to “Heroes of the Storm.”

The new battleground, known as Infernal Shrines, is a place reminiscent of the stages inside “Diablo,” according to Battle Net.

Infernal Shrines will have three lanes as well as three shrines that will gain power throughout the match. Players can utilize the power of these shrines by besting their guardians. As a reward, players will now have a Punisher available to do their own bidding on the battlefield.




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