14 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

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The top straps, charging docks, cases and more for your Apple smartwatch

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a new Apple Watch Series 2, a Watch Series 1 or the original Apple Watch, you’ll be wanting some killer accessories to go alongside it.

Like any gadget worth getting giddy about, there are already a mass of Apple Watch accessories out their to let you pimp your wrist wear to enviable levels.

The best Apple Watch accessories

Whether you’re after on-the-go power, some stylish straps or simply a place for your wearable to live at night, there’s an add-on out there for you. But with so many to choose from, which should you plump for first? Well, in our eyes, these are some of the best Apple Watch accessories money can buy right now.

Native Union DOCK Marble Edition

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Nightly charging made easy. That’s what this slab of an Apple Watch dock offers. Doing away with unsightly cables and unnecessary elaboration, it hides the magnetic charging pad in a round, rotatable protrusion from its solid, square base.

As much as small-scale art installation as a charger, it boasts a design that will fit in with any contemporary home, with both black and white bits of rock available. Short on space on your nightstand? No worries, it can be positioned both upright or laying flat, each letting you make the most of your watch’s nightstand mode.

$119.99, nativeunion.com

Spiegen Tough Armour Case

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a beautiful bit of kit. The difficult part is keeping it that way, especially if you’re going mountain biking, rock climbing or just doing some DIY. This hard-wearing ruggedised case means you can keep it strapped to your wrist, feeding you notifications and capturing your fitness data, without the worry of unsightly scuffs and scratches.

Crafted from TPU and polycarbonate it will protect your watch from stray branches, accidental knocks and falls, all without interfering with your standard strap. Air Cushion Technology further helps big up the protection while keeping it relatively thin. Leaving all the Watch’s controls open and accessible, a 2mm lip further helps protect the screen from scratches.

$24.99, spigen.com | Amazon

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Picking the right Apple Watch strap is tricky business. With a style that can take you from board meetings to a night on the town, though, this fat leather cuff offers something that will only look better with wear. Hewn from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, the luxurious Lowry Cuff is compatible with the 42mm Apple Watch, and fits 125-215mm wrists.

Three colour options (tan, brown and black) help fit your personal style, with rugged, hand-finished stitching giving the strap a unique look. Finished with a metal buckle colour-matched to your watch, a suede underside ensures comfort all day long.

$129.95, padandquill.com

CMRA strap camera

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

There always seem to be rumours that Apple will eventually add a camera to the Watch, but for now it doesn’t have one, and we can’t say we particularly mind. However if you do long for a snapper on your wrist, the CMRA Watch strap adds two cameras to the wearable, an 8MP front-facing lens and a 2MP upward-facing one for selfies.

It also opens up the option to video chat straight from your wrist, which is neat. CMRA is currently taking pre-orders, and is set to ship in “Spring” this year.

$169, getcmra.com


If you want to be able to keep your Apple Watch safe and charge it at the same time then WatchKeeper ticks all the boxes. The stylish container comes in black or tan and is perfect for the wearable owner on the move: the MagSafe connector and charging cable fit neatly under the watch while it’s stored.

When you’re wearing your Apple Watch (which is hopefully most of the time) you can use the case to keep the cable and charger tidy. WatchKeeper has a protective leather finish with a steel unibody core that should keep your precious smartwatch safe from harm.

$59.95, studioproper.com

Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Going for a run? Good on ya, just leave that phone at home, yeah. As well as tracking each and every footfall, your watch can store enough music to get you through even the toughest of training runs with an upbeat backing track. You’re still going to need to get it to your ears though, because let’s face it, that inbuilt speaker’s pretty weak. Fortunately, the Bluetooth-loving Beats Powerbeats 3 are a comfortable, compact way of doing so, and are firmly run-friendly.

Perfect for those who favour bass-rich sounds, the wipe-down plastic ear pieces play host to an impressive 12-hour battery life without unwanted bulk. An in-line mic lets you take calls on the go with volume controls giving you some sound freedom. What’s more, once your run’s over, these still sound, fit and look good enough to double as you go-to daily audio enablers.

$199.95, apple.com | Amazon

Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

The battery life on the Apple Watch is decent, but you’re always going to want more. The next time you find your watch hitting the red during the middle of the day then, this keyring-sized battery booster could be a lifesaver. With a 1050mAh rechargeable battery hidden within its compact form, there’s enough juice for more than two full charges of your power-hungry wearable.

Doing away with fiddly cables, a magnetic charging pad is built into the body that’s smaller than a business card. What’s more, while an integrated stand makes it look the part, an LED light will give you a visual indication of your remaining charge.

$69.99, griffintechnology.com

Zepp Golf 2

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Oooh, double wearable love, we’re in heaven. Just because you strap your Apple Watch to your wrist doesn’t mean you can’t still adorn other parts of your body with smart tech too. If you’re into golf, the Zepp Golf 2, which clips to your glove, is a swing-analysing joy and it plays nice with the Apple Watch, relaying all your ball-striking data to your wrist in real time.

Saving you having to pick up your iPhone or iPad after every swing to see if you’ve increased your club head speed or managed to get your tempo in the green, you can simply look to your wrist instead. Each shot score appears instantly, with the sensor sending a further feast of swing-analysing data to help you improve your handicap.

$149.95, zepp.com | Amazon

Sena Leather Watch Case

This stylish-looking dock for your watch is more than a case, so don’t let its name deceive you: you it also charges your timepiece on a bed of microsuede lining, integrating the cord and giving you a simple way of keeping it protected while on the move (unless you’re wearing it of course).

Made from European leather with a gunmetal accent, it’s compatible with all Apple Watch bands and supports the Nightstand mode as well. Whether you’re slinging your watch in a bag or displaying it by the bed, the Sena Leather Watch Case fits the bill.

$79.95, senacases.com | Amazon

Ultimate Shield Screen Protector

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

A screen this easy on the eye deserves to be protected. And protected without detracting from its overall look. That’s where this slim yet sturdy screen protector comes in. At just 0.2mm thick, you’ll barely notice the military-grade protective film is there at all. Until it saves you gouging a cavernous scratch in your watch’s display that is. With no image-diminishing matt effect, the ultra-clear, self-healing screen saver can fit around all straps and cases, with protectors having been cut to size for both the 38mm and 42mm watches.

£4.99, ultimateshield.co.uk | Amazon

Bucardo Hammered Pocket Watch for Apple Watch

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Hipsters, rejoice. There’s another way to wear your Apple Watch and this one will make you look like you’re straight out of Bugsy Malone. Sliding into the band slots of your Apple Watch, this pocket watch case covers the screen with a flip-open metal lid.

With 38mm and 42mm Watch-friendly options available, the engraved pocket watches come in a couple of silver and gold designs, each with a 15-inch colour-matched chains. It’s not perfect for runs, but you’ll be the most fashionable at the party.

$199, bucardo.com | Amazon

UE Roll 2

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

You don’t have to keep your watch-locked music to yourself. Its Bluetooth streaming skills mean you can pair it with a speaker and turn your watch into the life and soul of the party. The UE Roll is one of the better Bluetooth speakers out there, and the most well-rounded under $100. Clean crisp sound is pumped from the 2-inch driver and pair of tweeters, with the rough, tough, all-terrain waterproof body making it perfect for the house, park or beach.

There’s a number of colours of that hard-wearing fabric body to choose from, with each hosting oversized physical volume controls. Portable, practical, and with a 9 hour battery life, it’s bungee cord strap lets you bring the tunes wherever you are. You can attach it to your bike’s handlebars, a tree branch or railing, or just fix it to your bag. Failing that, just chuck it on the floor and let it’s rubberised base take the force while the 360-degree sounds spew forth.

$99.99, ultimateears.com | Amazon


Best Apple Watch accessoriesNo one knows better than you what your perfect Apple Watch strap is going to look like, so why not design your own? That’s exactly what Casetify lets you do: you can pick a photo from Instagram, Facebook or your computer to create your own strap through Casetify’s website or smartphone app.

You can select from a variety of layouts once you have the image you want, or choose one of Casetify’s suggested strap designs if you find yourself stuck for inspiration. The ordering process lets you specify whether you’re getting a 38mm or a 42mm Apple Watch and free shipping is available.

$70, casetify.com

Withings Home

13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Stop worrying about your house and start looking in. Another gadget that’s Apple Watch-friendly, the 5-megapixel, internet-connected Withings Home camera can let you check in on your home, pets or elderly relative no matter where you are in the world, just by looking at your wrist. The Home’s iPhone app can relay live images to the Watch, meaning you can keep an eye out for burglars without looking paranoid.

$199.95, withings.com | Amazon

(wareable.com, https://goo.gl/jmsRqI)



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