GPD Pocket review

OUR VERDICT The GPD Pocket isn’t cheap, or indeed perfect, but it compromises in the right places to make a praiseworthy portable who which is


Most modern smartphones were created for entertainment – users play games, social networks, YouTube and get a lot of fun from it. However, some manufacturers

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (OLED and Regular Screen) Review

The Pros Light, durable and flexible design; Optional OLED screen; Excellent keyboard; Full-day battery life; Accurate stylus The Cons Bottom runs warm; Below-average SSD speed


2-in-1 PCs aren’t dead, and Microsoft’s class-redefining Surface Pro 4 is proof HIGHS New Type Cover is wonderful Pen is standard and works well Pixel-dense

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 Review

The Pros Good battery life; Accurate stylus; MIL-STD 810G tested; Includes useful software The Cons Mushy keyboard, Middling performance Verdict The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460

Apple MacBook 2016 Review

The Pros Fantastically light design (with rose gold option); Rich and vibrant display; Faster performance than predecessor; Very good battery life The Cons Still just

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review

THE PROS Light, durable and flexible design; Excellent keyboard; Full-day battery life; Accurate stylus THE CONS Bottom runs warm; Below-average SSD speed on Core i5

Vaio Z Flip Review

The Pros Long battery life; Strong performance; Gorgeous display; Comfortable stylus The Cons Stiff keyboard; Inconsistent touchpad; Pricey Verdict The Vaio Z Flip’s bold display,

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 Review

The Pros Best-in-class keyboard; Lightweight, bend-back design; Accurate stylus with helpful software The Cons Below-average battery life; Less-colorful display than competition Verdict The Lenovo ThinkPad

VAIO Z, VAIO S “professional” notebooks arrive in the US

If you haven’t heard of a VAIO computer for a while, that’s because the new Japanese company temporarily closed its doors to the international market

Fujitsu spins off PC, smartphone businesses

In what could be seen as yet another worrying development for the steadily declining PC industry, Fujitsu has announced that it has split its PC,

Sony: 2016 will make or break mobile business

For the first time in many years, things might be starting to look good for Sony’s smartphone business, but it isn’t out of the woods

Vaio plans overseas sales offensive

Vaio Corp. is aiming for a comeback in overseas markets by restarting sales of personal computers in the United States and Brazil as part of

Vaio bringing its new PC business west

Sony’s former computer arm, Vaio, is expanding its reformed business outside of its native Japan for the first time. The Japanese electronics giant sold its

Sony tells VAIO owners to hold off on Windows 10

Most manufacturers are eager to jump on the Windows 10 bandwagon but one former PC maker doesn’t seem to be in a rush. Although it

Quo vadis Tablet? The future of mobile slabs

The once well-defined boundaries between computing devices, delineated by form factors, are blurring. PCs are no longer towering boxes but can also be found in

Sony VAIO TT Review

In a world of $250 netbooks and credit crunch, is there a place for a high-end ultraportable that, in its peak configuration, costs $4,345?  That’s

Sony VAIO P Review

One of the major announcements for CES 2009, the Sony VAIO P has been hailed by some as the ultimate netbook, and by others as

Sony Vaio S series 13.3-inch 2012 refresh Review

  The next generation of Vaio S-series laptops from Sony has arrived and we’re taking a look the the most basic model here today –

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Review

  The popularity of tablets have posed a solid threat to the PC industry, and in response many 2-in-1 so-called “hybrid” laptops have popped up

Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review

  Sony knows how to make a good looking tablet. Flush from the success of the XPERIA Tablet Z, the company has borrowed the same