2017 Audi S3 First Drive: The compact sports sedan gets fiercer

You don’t have to put the 2017 Audi S3 next to its A4 sibling to see that, in fitting Halloween style, the resemblance is spooky.

Winnovo K43 Smartphone Review – A Luxurious Touch

Pros: Incredibly Affordable Mesmerizing Design Dual-SIM card support Modern Bluetooth chip Cons: Camera Only 1 GB Battery Life Available in one color only Functional devices

HTC Is Now Essentially Worthless (And Insecure)

Internet hyperbole (and financial analysis) have rendered HTC, a once high-flying mobile brand, essentially valueless. In short, the company is trading below cash on hand.

PRADA Phone 3.0 by LG Review

Are you a trend-setter, a dedicated follower, or a fashion disaster? That’s the question we’ve been asking of the PRADA Phone 3.0 byLG, the phone