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Android in 2017: the highs and the lows

Another 365 (and one-fourth) days have passed. Naysayers have again been proven wrong. Android is still going strong and the open source operating system is

5 Reasons it’s good to be a Motorola smartphone user again

As we approach the release of a couple more Motorola-made smartphones on the 25th, it’s become a good time to be a fan of the

Nokia 3 review : Hands-on and first impressions of Nokia’s budget smartphone

The Nokia 3 was announced at MWC 2017. It’s a budget Android smartphone that’s well built Nokia is back with a bang. The Finnish company,

LG G6: News, rumours, specs, release date and price

The LG G6 is coming in 2017, just as sure as the LG G5 followed the LG G4. Here’s everything we know so far about

Fujitsu spins off PC, smartphone businesses

In what could be seen as yet another worrying development for the steadily declining PC industry, Fujitsu has announced that it has split its PC,

Sony: 2016 will make or break mobile business

For the first time in many years, things might be starting to look good for Sony’s smartphone business, but it isn’t out of the woods

Lenovo to lay off 10% of staff, let Motorola lead mobile

It feels only like yesterday that Lenovo was celebrating a revenue jump in 2014. Releasing the figures for the first quarter of 2015, however, things

Nokia returns to mobile phone business

NOKIA is hiring software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners as the company plots its return to the mobile phone and consumer tech

Sony’s Q1 profit highest in years, boosted by PS4, camera sensors

  Sony revealed its Q1 financials today, announcing that it reaped its highest first quarter profit since 2007. The company largely has PlayStation 4 software

Sony grapples for relevance with Concept for Android thrust

  Despite a few rough starts, and still ongoing rough patches, Sony is committed to the mobile industry, particularly smartphones. But, based on mobile business

Did Nadella just put the nail in Windows Phone’s coffin?

Just a while ago we looked into the reasons why it wouldn’t be in Microsoft’s best interests to suddenly switch to Android as its mobile

Nintendo to aim for a “free-to-start” mobile gaming model

By announcing its plans to start a presence on mobile, Nintendo has practically sealed its fate in that part of the market. But, as with

The Next Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity Is Mobile Enterprise

Enterprise mobile applications – like enterprise cloud applications a decade before – are poised to become a $100 billion market opportunity. I’ve worked with enterprise technologies