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ITC judge rules that NVIDIA infringed on Samsung patents

In a tragic – for NVIDIA – reversal of fates, NVIDIA was found guilty of infringing on some of Samsung’s patent related to graphics technology.

Apple being sued over iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature

We should have probably seen this coming a mile away, especially considering how people love suing Apple for almost every consumer misstep it makes. The

Apple loses patent battle over A7, A8 CPU chips

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Sony now backtracking on phones’ underwater prowess

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ITC clears Microsoft in 8 year old patent case, Lumias safe

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Volkswagen has spent two years trying to hide a big security flaw

Thousands of cars from a host of manufacturers have spent years at risk of electronic car-hacking, according to expert research that Volkswagen has spent two years trying to

Samsung will allow bloatware to be removed but only in China

  Caving in to pressure, or perhaps the threat of a government lawsuit in China,Samsung has revealed that it will be issuing patches that will

US opens probe into second company for air bag inflators that can spew metal fragments

The problem of exploding air bags could be widening beyond Japanese manufacturer Takata Corp. U.S. safety regulators are investigating inflators made by ARC Automotive Inc.

Samsung and Oppo sued over pre-installed bloatware on its phones in China

The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has announced that it has taken legal action against manufacturers such as Samsung and Oppo over their practice of

Ericsson takes patent lawsuit against Apple to Europe

  Ericsson, embroiled in patent litigation against Apple stateside, is taking the fight overseas. The Swedish company has filed lawsuits in Germany, Britain, and the