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OUR VERDICT With great power comes a gargantuan price tag. The Origin EON17-X is hands down the most powerful gaming laptop out today – shame

Scan 3XS LG17 Carbon Extreme review

PROS 4K-busting gaming performance Great screen Solid keyboard Sturdy build CONS Woeful battery life Ultra-heavy and thick design Middling trackpad KEY FEATURES 4GHz Intel Core

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Your next gaming laptop will have a VR-capable desktop graphics card inside. Intrigued? We explain all. Nvidia will no longer separate its high-end laptop and

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OUR EARLY VERDICT If you want a top-of-the-range laptop that can replace your high-end workstation and you only need limited mobility, then the WS-M151 will

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Pros Outpaces the competition in games and applications Good screen and speaker quality Solid build Versatile features and specification Cons Heavier and thicker than other

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  Clevo may not quite be a household name, but the company’s mid- and high-end laptops have been thoroughly rebadged and neatly demonstrated the Clevo