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As Pebble is given its death sentence, its most loyal fans are racing to rebuild it

Come 30 June, the lights will be switched off Since the new year started, Pebble users have been on borrowed time. When the company closed

First iOS app dev center opens in Europe

Apple has announced that it has opened its very first iOS app development center in Europe. The goal of the center is to help students

The Gear S2 is great – now Samsung’s big IoT challenge begins

Samsung is off to a great start with the Gear S2 smartwatch, with its great UX and broad Android compatibility, but its challenge is only

HTC One M9 camera now supports RAW format

  Love it or hate it, HTC changed their camera hardware for the One M9. In getting away from their Ultrapixel shooter they touted so

Windows 10 phones will (sort of) run Android & iOS apps

  Remember the Nokia X? It was one of the last Nokia handsets, butits platform was a subversive attempt by Microsoft to get Android apps

VW Apple Watch app will tell you where your teen driver goes

  Volkswagen just updated their iOS app to add features your teen driver will not be pleased with. Via their Car-Net app (and service), the

Apple now rejects Apple Watch apps that ‘just’ tell time

The App Store is ripe with apps that support the Apple Watch. Plenty more exist in the backlog, as many Developers note it’s taking longer