Mercedes-Benz F 015 : A Driver-Less Future Car

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Mercedes-Benz now immovably accepts that “the auto is developing past its part as an insignificant method for transportation,” and there’s no more noteworthy exhibition of that than the German producer’s completely self-ruling Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury In Motion research vehicle, something which Mercedes thinks speaks to a reasonable picture without bounds of mobility.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 01

Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Layout 4-door, 4-passenger, rear-motor, RWD sedan
Motor Two AC permanent-magnet electric; hydrogen fuel cell with 29 kWh battery/ 272 hp, 295 lbs-ft (combined)
Transmission 1-speed automatic
Length 205.5 in
Breadth 79.4 in
Height 60 in
0-60 6.5 sec
Top Speed 124 mph
Price $2.5 million

Future Car

So the name may require a tad bit of work, yet the innovation, plan and designing that accompanies no doubt to be something culled from the script of a science fiction blockbuster. This 5.2-meter-long roadgoing spaceship is fueled by hydrogen, creates it claim power, discharges no carbon dioxide and has an aggregate scope of 684 miles – gracious, and how about we not overlook, is fit for driving itself.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 03

Lehman engines the Mercedes-Benz F 015 around with a modern steering wheel, and the different controls on the instrument board before him are intended to be worked with signals. At that point he connects with mechanized mode so the auto will pursue a programmed circle around the empty runway here on the site of the previous Naval Air Station Alameda, and he swivels his seat around so we’re all confronting each other as though we were in a sort of stall at an extremely cutting edge bar.

The windows of the lodge display a perspective of our surroundings, just at an extremely curbed force. Then the entryway boards fuse electronic screens that show an interface to control phone and PC correspondence, some fundamental vehicle capacities and even screen-saver representation.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 04

As Lehman calls attention to, the considerable extravagance later on will be leisure time. Also, when your vehicle may be found up in activity amid an outing, it will be an awesome extravagance to commit yourself to work, stimulation or unwinding, and leave the auto to its own particular gadgets.

A self-ruling vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz F 015 will get you to your destination on account of a programmed route, a cluster of sensors, a capacity to speak with people on foot and different vehicles with an arrangement of outer LED lights front and back, and an amazingly effective and quick following up on board PC.


The F 015 dispatched a generation of a packed intersection without putting a foot wrong or creating interruption to those inside. As this is going on, the auto is in steady correspondence with the outside world and evaluating potential risks utilizing a maze of incorporated lasers, radars and LED fields.

With the driver now only an extra part, this entire new strategy for transportation permits you to completely drench yourself in the sumptuously named lodge of the F 015. You can help however be attracted to the totally advanced encompass – made of six screens on the entryways – and dash, which are controlled through hand signals, eye following or touch.

Mercedes F 015 back static© Provided via Auto Express Mercedes F 015 back static Self-governing tech is now starting to stream down into standard items, with dynamic park aid, versatile journey control and city braking an undeniably more basic sight available. What the F 015 does, then again, is take that to innovation to the following level and hints at a definitive confidence in innovation.

The F 015 is intended to sidestep those adventures which are to a greater degree an undertaking than a treat, with the time picked up from moving from a driver to a traveler ready to be put to more successful and productive utilization. There is, on the other hand, a manual override capacity which permits you to take full control of the auto, which will see the steering wheel naturally reaching out from the dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 06

Mercedes likewise accepts vehicles, for example, the F 015 open up the chance to investigate another urban provided food particularly for self-sufficient vehicles. So not just may the vehicles without bounds work profoundly diverse to the ones we’re acquainted with today, however the streets they possess could likewise look significantly changed, as well.

Further, its not as though the thought of heading toward oneself autos is some removed idea. As Google and Tesla have demonstrated, the period of self-sufficient vehicles is upon us. Tesla has even declared a forthcoming autopilot mode for its Model S lineup that clients can download by means of an over-the-air overhaul. It’s no more an issue of how we’ll arrive at that point – Elon Musk has said that the heading toward oneself auto is a “tackled issue” – its when.

Furthermore, when we do, autos could exceptionally well look and feel altogether different than they do now, if on the grounds that the thought of heading toward oneself autos will never again be so outside later on. Will future vehicles look like what Mercedes has envisioned? Maybe not. In any case, I can hardly wait to discover.

Price and Release Date

Mercedes-Benz F 015 02

They have not spoke a single word about the price of Mercedes-Benz F 015 although this is a electric car and the concept is new therefore it may take few more time to fix the price and the Mercedes-Benz F 015 release date will come with the price there fore keep waiting with us.




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