Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy Note 9: What we expect

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This afternoon we’re having a look at the wide world of expectations we have for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now that the device’s announcement event was revealed. Samsung sent invitations to the press for a Samsung Unpacked event which will take place on the 9th of August, 2018. At that event we expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be revealed – and probably not a gold-encrusted salmon with Bluetooth, but who knows?!

Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy Note 9: What we expect

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was leaked in a variety of ways over the past few weeks and months, creating for us a picture of the device that’s quite solid. Solid considering the fact that the only official thing we’ve seen from Samsung is confirmation of the name and a couple extreme close-up clips of the S Pen. With what we’ve gathered so far, we’ve constructed the following chart.

The chart you see above runs down the official specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The above chart also shows the Galaxy Note 9 in what we’re reasonable sure will be an accurate portrayal – detail-wise. In short, the device won’t look a lot different from its immediate predecessor. The Galaxy Note 9 is just a tiny bit shorter and has a slightly smaller forehead and chin than that of the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to come in a new assortment of colors alongside the traditional black and/or white and/or gray. There’s also potential for Teddy Bear Brown and a very odd combination of Blue and Gold. In a video shared by Samsung released alongside the event invite, the S Pen for the Note 9 looked gold, but so bright that it could have been yellow – like the edge of this concept rendering, in fact!

The S Pen will have new features. I can say that without reservation since Samsung’s never released a Galaxy Note without upgrades to its S Pen, be it hardware-wise or software-wise. This year we’re expecting that both hardware and software will be improved – and possibly wireless connectivity, too. That’d require a battery inside the device though, and that’s crazy, right?

This device will almost certainly have two cameras at its back as well as a fingerprint scanner just below its cameras, also on the back. The front side of the Note 9 will likely have the same Infinity Display as its predecessor. This display will take up a larger percentage of the front of the device due to reductions in size of the forehead and chin bezels – and again, the whole device is ever-so-slightly shorter, too.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be the same price as last year, if not just a TINY bit higher. There’ll be multiple variants, with differences largely internal – internal storage size, mostly. This handset will probably be available on pre-order within a week after reveal on August 9th, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see the smartphone up for sale in-store on September 1st, 2018 – line up now!




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