How to make new use of an old iOS device (pictures)

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Turn it into cash

As Jessica Dolcourt explained, turning an old device into cash is a fairly simple process. Not only does it eliminate clutter around your home, but it gives you extra funds to invest in that new device you’ve been drooling over.

Even if the return on an old device isn’t a big amount, taking the time to turn devices into cold cash is well worth it.

Apple TV remote

One of my favorite uses for an old iPod Touch is using it as a remote for an Apple TV. Anyone who owns an Apple TV can attest to how easily the Apple remote is lost. An iPod Touch or an old iPad Mini is a bit harder to lose, and gives you a keyboard for those long search queries. The Remote app is free on iTunes.

A digital reader

Kindle’s are inexpensive, but it’s hard to beat free. Free, meaning you already have an old iOS device you no longer use and it’d cost you nothing today.

Install Amazon’s Kindle app, or open the iBooks app and start shopping for a good book to read.

A dedicated iPod

One of the more simplistic features we now take for granted on all iOS devices is their music-playing capability.

Load up your iOS device with your music library or subscribe to a streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music or Rdio and rock out.


Digital scanners can be pricey, bulky, and difficult to use. By installing an app such as Scanbot, you can turn any iOS (or even Android device) into a digital scanner.

You can then sync scanned documents to the cloud.

Better yet, you can have the iOS device pull double duty and act as a dedicated iPod, scanner and Apple TV remote.

Security camera

Installing a home security system is time consuming and costly. Installing an iOS app is quick and easy.

Manything is a free app that allows you to remotely access a live video feed from another mobile device.

You can turn an old iPhone or iPad into a baby monitor, a way to check in on your dog, or keep tabs on employees while you step out of the office

Educational tool

Wipe your old iOS device clean and install only educational apps for your children to practice and learn new skills on.

Most schools have a list of apps being used in the classroom already, making it easy to find the tools your kids will have familiarity with.

The choice and quality of educational apps in the App Store is too great to not consider this option when upgrading an iOS device.




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