How to download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad

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YouTube might have made it harder, but it’s still possible to download videos from YouTube using an app on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s a step-by-step guide which will work for you.

Step 1 of 9: How to download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad

Months and months ago YouTube promised to introduce offline watching, but this hasn’t happened. The good news is that you can download most YouTube videos directly to your iPad and iPhone using a free app.

Here we’ll show you how to save videos so you can watch them even when there’s no internet connection. There are many similar apps which can download YouTube video and they all work in the same way as we’ll describe here.

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These apps can’t save videos to your iPhone or iPad’s native Videos app, but you can watch them within the downloader app, and some let you save the videos to your Camera Roll or use AirPlay to watch them via an Apple TV.

Having used such apps for years, we know that they often disappear from the app store, so search for ‘video downloader’ or ‘YouTube downloader’ and you will see a list of what’s currently available.

If the following guide doesn’t work for you, you can download videos to your PC or Mac, and then copy it to your iPad or iPhone.

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On your device, go to the App Store and search for “Video downloader” and choose the Lite Super version by George Young – this one works at the moment. Some apps, like this, will nag you to upgrade to a ‘Pro’ version, but unlike others, this doesn’t restrict you to a certain number of downloads.

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Launch the app and the built-in browser should open. If it doesn’t default, then type that into the address bar. This is YouTube’s mobile site. If you’re using an iPad, type to get the desktop site.

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Step 4 of 9:

Tap the magnifying glass on YouTube’s website and enter your search term. (We highly recommend watching the entireProject Binky series, by the way.)

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Step 5 of 9:

Pick a video from the list of results and it will start to play. If it doesn’t, tap the play button.

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You should see a little white disk icon bobbing up and down. Tap this and a pop-up with the option to Download the video will appear.

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The video will continue to play. Tap on the screen, tap done and you should see a little red circle with 1 inside it as a ‘badge’ over the Downloads link at the bottom.

You can tap on Downloads to see the current download progress.

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Step 8 of 9:

You can put your phone in sleep mode while the download continues, and you’ll get a notification when the download is complete. Then you’ll find the video in the Files section – the icon to the right of Downloads.

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Step 9 of 9:

Annoyingly, this app saves each video as ‘videoplayback xx’ rather than taking the video’s name from youtube. However, you can tap the Sort button at the top and order the videos by date so the most recent are at the top. Just tap on a video to watch it whenever you like: no Wi-Fi connection required!

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