7 Reasons to Buy the Galaxy Note 8, and 2 Reasons to Skip

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Galaxy Note 8 Pros and Cons

The Galaxy Note 8 is more than just a do-over for the recalled Note 7. It’s a leap forward for big-screen phones, offering a number of firsts for Samsung and a world’s first for any camera phone. Add in a number of S Pen improvements and other enhancements and you have what could be the ultimate phablet for power users. But there are a couple of reasons to think twice, too.

The Note 8, which starts at about $930, is available for pre-order now, and carriers are offering deals on Samsung’s big-screen handset. Here are seven reasons to buy the Note 8 and two reasons to skip it.

Dual Cameras beat the competition

The Galaxy Note 8 packs two rear 12-megapixel cameras, giving you a true 2x optical zoom, just like the iPhone 7 Plus. But unlike the current iPhone, both lenses on the Note 8 offer optical- image stabilization, which means you should see steadier-looking images and video. This is a first for any smartphone.

With the new Live Focus feature, you can adjust the blur effect on the background of portraits you take both before and after the shot, which makes this one versatile camera phone. We also like the dual capture feature, which lets you choose from a close-up or wide-angle shot after you’ve snapped the shutter, though the phone could be more responsive in toggling between the two options.

Big and beautiful screen

Samsung made the gorgeous Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 even bigger, stretching it to 6.3 inches on the Note 8. You still get quad-HD resolution and Super AMOLED for eye-popping colors and perfect blacks, but Samsung made the curve on the edge-to-edge screen less severe, which makes for a more natural writing experience with the S Pen.

New S Pen powers

The stylus returns on the Note 8, and this time around you can take notes on the fly pretty much as long as you like. That’s because the Screen-Off memo feature lets you store up to 100 pages of notes, and it’s easy to pin them to the Always-on display and go back and edit them later.

If you’re looking to spice up your messaging, the Note 8 can turn your scribbles into an animated GIF that’s easily sharable. The effect is especially cool when you choose a photo in your gallery as the background. Just keep in mind that your carrier may have limitations on the size of GIFs that can be sent.




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