5 Reasons to Wait for the LG V40 & 3 Reasons Not to

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With the LG V40 release date quickly approaching, it’s time to start weighing all of your smartphone options in 2018. In this post, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should, and maybe shouldn’t, wait for the LG V40.

If you’re looking for a new phone there are plenty of excellent choices available now or coming soon. From the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6 to Google Pixel 2 XL. And even though the V30 and LG G7 ThinQ are great, the LG V40 should be near the top of your list.

Last year, the LG V30 was one of the best phones of the year. LG went with a premium metal design, nearly no bezels, and took Samsung and Apple head-on. We’re expecting more of the same with the V40, and it could be the best Android phone of 2018.

Fan-made LG V40 Concept Image

LG V40 Leaks, Rumors, & Speculation

The LG V40 rumor mills started to churn thanks to LG themselves, who said moving forward they’ll only use high-end OLED screens in its V-series phones. That’s why the LG G7 and any other phone has an inferior LCD panel. Basically, the LG V40 will have a beautiful bezel-free AMOLED screen that can compete with the latest Galaxy or iPhone.

That’s also LG’s way of saying its flagship phone is the V40, not the LG G7 that was recently released.

According to one reliable source, LG is using the codename “Storm” likely because it’ll offer the perfect storm of specs, design and features.

That same source, the often reliable Evan @evleaks Blass, said we can expect a release date in late summer or early fall. Which lines up with releases from previous years. Especially if LG wants to compete with the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

LG’s next flagship phone will likely come with a big 6.1 to 6.5-inch display, a premium metal and glass design, small or no bezels, excellent cameras and a high-end audio experience. So, if you’re trying to decide between the LG G7, the LG V35 or if you should wait, here are a few things to consider.

Wait for a Big Screen & Lots of Horsepower

Wait for a Big Screen & Lots of Horsepower

If you want a ton of horsepower and a huge screen in your next smartphone, wait for the LG V40.

The LG G7 ThinQ and V30 are decent devices, but if you need more or want the latest and greatest, the V40 is what you want.

Last year the LG V30 had a 6-inch screen with small bezels similar to the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S9. This year, the G7 has an even bigger 6.1-inch screen. That leads us to believe the all-new LG V40 will come with an even bigger 6.2 or even a 6.5-inch bezel-free screen later this year. A bigger screen will help LG’s phone compete with the 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 9, a new iPhone, and anything else in 2019.

Each year they’ve made the V-series bigger and better, and we’re expecting that again in 2018. And while it’ll likely have the same powerful 8-core Snapdragon 845 as the LG G7 or Galaxy S9, expect 6-8GB of RAM for improved performance and multitasking.

This will be LG’s biggest, best and fastest phone of the year. If you’re an LG fan, wait for it.

Wait For The Best Software

Wait For The Best Software

If you want the best software experience LG has to offer you’ll probably want to hold out for the new LG V phone.

The LG V40 will launch with Android 8.1 Oreo, or maybe even Android 9.0 P depending on when it arrives. It’ll also, according to recent rumors, come with some exciting new software from LG. We’re talking about an ever-improving camera app, and maybe even LG’s own Assistant. That is, of course, if they don’t stick to the Google Assistant.

While LG’s Android skin is starting to show it’s age, there’s no denying they offer tons of options and customization that owners appreciate and enjoy. This will be its best version of Android Oreo and that alone might be compelling enough to convince you to wait a few weeks before buying a new device.

But that’s not all. You’ll also want the latest phone for the 18 months or 2-years of software updates. So while you might be tempted to go with a cheaper device like the LG G6 or a V30 on sale, these devices are already a year old which means they’re already a year into their software support. The end of life will come much faster for those phones. Combine that with LG’s “Storm” approach, and this could be an exciting phone.

Wait for Camera Improvements

Wait for Camera Improvements

If you aren’t thrilled with the cameras on the LG G7 or the LG V30, wait for the new V40.

LG put a ton of effort into its V30 camera setup, and advertisements, but reviews are mixed. It still didn’t compete with Samsung or Google, which is exactly what it needed to do. Even if the V30 took amazing videos.

We haven’t seen any rumors emerge yet, but we expect LG to make some upgrades to the V40’s camera hardware and software. Whether they keep the wide-angle lens they’re known for, or go for something more traditional like the competition remains to be seen. We should see more LG rumors emerge in the summer months, and they like to announce hardware one at a time, so keep an eye out for more information.

Either way, this phone will have three or four powerful cameras with lots of neat controls.

Wait For Excellent Sound

Wait For Excellent Sound

It’s no secret that LG puts a ton of effort into the sound on each smartphone. The original LG V10 came out of no-where with a 32-bit Quad DAC that audiophiles and musicians absolutely loved.

Each year since LG has continued to release great phones with a capable audio experience. And lately, they’ve paired those with AptX, Dolby, or added things like a Boomsound speaker to the LG G7.

Basically, if audio is important, wait for the LG V40. It’ll likely have one or even dual boomsound stereo speakers, a Quad-DAC, and a bunch of customization that makes it the best smartphone for audiophiles.

Wait If You Don’t Want a Notch

Wait If You Don't Want a Notch

Ok, so here’s the deal. Almost every Android manufacturer (except for a few) added a big notch to the screen in 2018. This was to “answer” Apple’s iPhone X with its beautiful edge-to-edge display.

The LG G7 ThinQ has a notch, and it’s somewhat possible that the LG V40 will have it too. However, with all the backlash from reviews, it’s also highly plausible that LG could ditch that idea and deliver a beautiful bezel-free experience similar to the Galaxy S9 and LG V30.

Basically, they might ditch the notch completely, slim down the bezels, and offer up a phone that’s a true successor to the LG V30 from 2017. We’re either getting a huge screen with a notch, or something around 6.2-inches without the notch. We’ll have to wait and see.

Don’t Wait If You Can’t Wait Til August or Later

Don't Wait If You Can't Wait Til August or Later

If you don’t think you can wait until August or September, don’t bother waiting around for the LG V40.

Early rumors suggest a late summer or early fall announcement, but that’s only the launch event. LG is widely known for launching a phone and then releasing it to the world a solid 2-months later. So even if they announce the V40 in July or August, it likely won’t go up for sale until September or October.

That’s right around the same time as the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, and when Apple will launch new iPhones. However, LG probably knows they need to beat the competition to store shelves, and users pockets. If they do, they’ll announce and release the phone before the end of August. If you can’t wait a few months, skip it.

Don’t Wait If You Find Something Great

Don't Wait If You Find Something Great

Don’t let the LG V40 hold you back though. If you find something you love or that interests you right now, get it. The G7 is pretty good, and the OnePlus 6 is a great phone for only $529.

These days you can easily find a great phone with plenty to like, big screens, and a similar amazing camera experience. Not to mention most carriers allow upgrades once per year now, instead of two. So, you can probably get the LG V35 or something else that’s from 2018 without spending too much money.

And while we’re expecting great things from the new LG V40 we just don’t have enough information yet to comfortably tell buyers to wait for it. Well, unless you’re a huge LG fan and you still have an old LG G5. Wait for the V40 and enjoy a few years worth of solid upgrades.

Don’t Wait For An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

It’s early, but LG V40 rumors suggest the company is almost going back to the drawing board to offer buyers something great. And even though the phone has a codename of “Storm” we’re not sure it’s a perfect storm just yet for all the features people want.

One that consistently comes up in the rumor mill is an under-the-display (or in-display) fingerprint scanner. A few manufacturers are doing this already, but the technology just isn’t ready for primetime smartphones yet. The Galaxy Note 9 won’t have it, and we doubt new iPhones will either.

If you’re waiting for the V40 because you think it’ll have an amazing display with a fast fingerprint scanner magically built-in, don’t. We can expect the same 2-3 cameras on the back, and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner like LG’s offered for several years now.

As for an in-display fingerprint scanner, we think 2019 will finally be the year.

This will be a great phone just make sure your hopes and expectations aren’t too high.

(gottabemobile.com, http://bit.ly/2yd1yRx)



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