Vido W10 Elite Review

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  • One of the best build qualities seen
  • 128GB Toshiba eMMC
  • Fast Intel Wireless AC
  • Fully laminated bright display
  • Fast Type-C charging (When off)
  • Active stylus support
  • Decent keyboard type cover
  • Good battery life
  • Very poor sounding speakers
  • 0% brightness is far too bright
  • CPU Runs hot when gaming
  • Trackpad is too small
  • MicroSD slot requires a tool to open

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vido W10 Elite Review

This is the first Vido tablet covered here on TechTablets, and it has surprised me with it’s Surface 3 like build quality. And the specs are great for an Atom tablet, fully laminated 1200p screen, 128GB eMMC, Type-C port, 4GB of RAM with an Atom X7 Z8700, type cover, stylus and wireless AC. Specs that rival the Surface 3.

This is a video review. Consult the video index times below: for the various sections, including a sound and gaming test.

03:10 – Screen
05:23 – Benchmarks And Wifi
09:23 – Chrome 4k Streaming
11:02 – Thermals
12:05 – Battery & Charge Times
14:02 – Audio
15:21 – Cameras
16:06 – Remix OS 3.0 Test
17:45 – Gaming FPS Tests
24:36 – Gaming Test Thermals
25:11 – Final Words With Pros & Cons

Vido W10 Elite (2)Vido W10 Elite (3)Vido W10 Elite (4)Vido W10 Elite (11)Vido W10 Elite (13)Vido W10 Elite (14)Vido W10 Elite (15)Vido W10 Elite (16)Vido W10 Elite (1)


The Atom X7 Z8700 with a max turbo speed of 2.4Gh paired with 4GB of 1600Mhz dual channel RAM make the tablet feel quick and snappy in Windows. Edge performance is great and even Chrome runs fast, and not slow like the Z8300 single channel Atom X5’s.

Storage speeds were good for an Atom tablet.

storage speeds


Quite possibly the best build quality on a tablet seen, equal to the MicroSoft Surface 3 if the screen was covered with Gorilla or similar scratch resistant glass. It even better’s the Surface 3 I reviewed with Type-C charging which is faster when powered off and supports OTG.

The kickstand is similar with free movement and isn’t a fixed angle like the EZPad 5S. The paintwork  finish is a nice matte coat that looks to be more durable than other tablets.

The 1920 x 1200 panel is bright and fully laminated. It comes with a pre-applied screen protector. There was an issue on my model that 0% brightness seemed to be the 25% brightness setting as they are both the same. This mean late night use in dark environments is very hard on the eyes and 3rd part software like flux is needed to try to correct this.

Vido W10 Elite (8)Vido W10 Elite (9)Vido W10 Elite (10)


The W10 has two front facing left and right speakers. They have no bass and not much midrange. The don’t sound very good at all and the maximum volume is lacking. These aren’t fitting for a tablet of this price range, Vido should have gone with better hardware and as a result, this is the worst feature of the tablet.

Battery Life:

Specs claim a 7300mAh battery, but it would seem that Vido upgraded or changed battery cells as my unit shipped with a 9300 mAH battery which could last for around 6 hours and 30 minutes with 25% brightness, wifi on using Chrome and watching clips on YouTube, multitasking with edge and Chrome at the same time. I think  lighter use 7 hours should be possible which is better than most tablets of this size.

battery life 2


Vido W10 Elite (6)Vido W10 Elite (7)Vido W10 Elite (5)

The keyboard is a type cover style one. It’s got good key travel, and has, print screen, number and scroll lock. But lacks page up, down and home due to space limitations.  There is a dedicated key for disabling the trackpad which doesn’t support Window 10 gestures. THat’s a good thing as the height of the touchpad is far too short and using it is limited when trying to move up or down. It’s really only for emergencies when you don’t have a mouse around.


The active stylus for the Vido W10 the VidoPen, offers 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. Palm rejection works and in my one my in OneNote test below I found that it will only work when the stylus is touching the screen. Not like the Wacom stylus which is detected a good 1 to 2 cms before making contacting with the screen. As a result, the Vido stylus doesn’t support a hover feature.

The tip is made of plastic and pressing down really hard might scratch the pre-applied plastic screen protector. The stylus runs on an included AAAA battery.


Just like most X5 Z8700’s tested, when push hard gaming for over 20 minutes temps peaked at 87 degrees c and it did thermal throttle to keep the temps from going higher.



The Video W10 Elite is an all round solid 10.1″ tablet with some great specs. The kickstand is really useful, it has a bright screen which is fully laminated (Something rare in Chinese tablets) Also rare is Intel Wireless AC and a big 128GB eMMC. The screens 0% brightness is the same as 25% brightness which means late use at night if a blinding experience and the speakers are quite poor with no bass and very flat midrange. The type cover is good to type on but the height of the trackpad is very restricting. You’re better off using a mouse.

If Vido can at least address the screen brightness with a firmware update, they will have one of the best Surface 3 style tablets around. The tablet is highly recommended for those looking for something as close as possible to the top spec Surface 3 Atom, without the price tag. Make sure you check out my fill pros and cons listed below before you pull the trigger.




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